A Lighthouse Story


A Lighthouse Story

by Sparrow

It was a flashback, a glimpse of memory that flooded one’s mind momentarily.


At the lighthouse, there lived an old lady who took care of the place; she would plow the land and cut the weeds. She would sweep the floors, wash walls, and even the sidewalk streets. All the dishes sparkled, and the table possessed a reflection from the windows. Not a spec of dust, not a dirty corner dared to embrace the place.

The lady toiled day and night, and in her toughness, she waited for her husband every night for his return. She prayed all day and night, and days and weeks and months. He never did for days, months and years. But old hope in the woman’s heart remained that motivated her all day and nights she wept for her most fearful thoughts crept.

How it happened

The working season had commenced, and her husband left to the sea for work one day, promising to return soon, but he never did, to her dismay. Minutes, hours, and weeks have passed away. The woman searched and called and asked. She posted posters in hopes someone would know that the husband was okay. Immediately, she informed the police, seaports, and villages. On the way home, she never looked away from the abhorrent sea. In her heart, she hated that horrid day when her husband promised to return.

Some time had passed, the trees moved, and leaves ruffled upon the lighthouse roof. A wind that carried drizzles right through, but they were never from rain but from the sulky sea. More waves and water splashed everywhere. The waters quickly rose around the lighthouse; the sea’s heart had no remorse. That morning, the wind had settled down, but what the sea had brought to shore was a great surprise to her.

The woman ran down the stairs in the wake of hope to seize the day. She opened the door, contorted, gasped and quietly she prayed. Her husband stood at the doorway, all blue and cold and frail. His eyes were doll-like, and yet he moved his attention all to her. He placed one hand on his heart while his other hand reached hers. Shaken, she froze and hoped her husband was somewhere in there. She hoped he was still alive and okay. But no one ever saw her or her husband to this day, except for this creepy tale.

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