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Sparrow Publishing Books are easy to recognize for their multi-functionality. You may either read these books for an entertaining read or conduct an enjoyable analysis. Each book is unique and inspirational, and at times they share different perspectives and life lessons.

Here, all genres are welcome. You will find anything from poetry, children’s books, self-help and the upcoming science fiction book. Follow us for updates on The Rift Valley availability date.

At Sparrow Publishing, we know that your time is of the essence, and we seek ways to make your day a great one. Discover the book treasure on this page and embark on the reading adventure because Sparrow Publishing is a place where adventures live.

Self Help Books

5 steps to happiness
Buy 5 steps to happiness now discover steps to happiness
Pebbles Wisdom Book Cover
Buy pebbles' wisdom now

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Fiction Books

Sandy's Mondays - a fiction journal by Sparrow
REad Sandy's mondays for free now discover sandy's mondays
The Town Behind The Rift Valley
discover rift valley

Children’s Books

The Happy Ladybug
Buy the happy ladybug now discover the happy ladybug
A Very Berry Fairy Adventure
Buy Very Berry Fairy now on Amazon Buy Very Berry Fairy now on LuLu discover very berry fairy
the enchanted forest
discover enchanted forest

Currently Unavailable

Poetry Books

Buy solitude now discover solitude
creativity delivered
currently unavailable discover creativity delivered
mPaka Mysteries by Sparrow Cover
Download Free on SlideShare discover mPaka Mysteries
where ones love gone
buy Where One's Love Gone now discover where one's love gone
refute negativity
Buy refute negativity now discover refute negativity
mistake hope and resolution
Buy Mistake Hope Resolution Now

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