Stepping Into the Unknown


Stepping Into the Unknown

By Julianne Victoria 

Aimee couldn’t take it anymore. Life in this place had been nothing but misery for her, full of abusive relationships and friends who were too selfish to ever lend a hand. And then there was the financial burden that her ex had put her in.

“No more!” she’d scream to herself in her head, but sometimes when the anguish was too great, she’d scream out loud. It didn’t matter if the neighbours heard. No one seemed to care anyway. She knew she had to leave. She could feel the pressure welling up inside of her. It was as if, if she didn’t leave now, her soul would leave on its own.

She thought about the four-card Tarot reading she had recently had. The vision of the Tower, Death, Fool, and Strength cards stuck firmly in her mind. Aimee had to drum up the courage to take action to end the life she had been living up to now and start fresh.

She had to step into the unknown, the dark void of the future. If she didn’t choose to do it herself, life would come crashing down around her on its own. Aimee decided it was better to have faith and embrace change than to be foolish and let it happen to her.

It was pitch black on this cold and cloudy new moon night. Aimee wasn’t sure what direction to take, but she was sure that somehow she’d be led in the right direction. Anything was better than going back. Just as her legs began to fatigue a bus pulled up and opened its doors.

“Why not?” she thought and hopped on. The bus driver didn’t say a word. As the bus rolled along, Aimee stared out into the blackness and reviewed her life up to this point. It was all so vivid. It was like she was transporting herself back in time to re-experience and evaluate her past. It was all clearer now, especially the decisions she had made and her role in all those bad relationships. Now that she could see her mistakes, she could learn from them.

The bus kept rolling along. At least it felt like it. There was no sense of space in the absolute darkness, and no sense of time either. Aimee began to wonder how long she had been on the bus, studying her life and life itself.

Several hours? A few minutes? There was no way to tell. Time and space seemed to be nonexistent.

She hadn’t questioned where the bus was taking her either, but at least now she was moving on, away from the past. Aimee suddenly began to feel lighter. For the first time in her life, she could see that she had the power to create her own life.

As the bus crested the top of a large hill, a sliver of gold lit up the horizon. She still didn’t know where she was going or what she was going to do, and that was OK. She had stepped into the abyss and embraced the unknown. The darkness was now fading away, and the dawn of new beginnings lay before her.

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