To My Friend, With Love


To My Friend, With Love


All is still; all quiet;

The world seems to be at peace.

My soul is singing its rhythmic melody

And I’m led like in a trance to write its tunes.

The lyrics are for you.

The essence of friendship.

I have what so many people in this world

Yearn so desperately for a friend.

A friend who’s closer to me

And worth more than life itself.

You have shared in my pain, as has no other

And touched my wounded spirit

With tender expressions of compassion.

Your heart bled when you felt my grief;

Your empathy and sensitivity

Transmitted affection no words ever could.

Your unfailing loyalty has been inexhaustible,

Regardless of what it may have cost you


You have made great sacrifices

On my behalf


You accepted me as I was and am;

Appreciating my strengths,

Challenging my weaknesses,

Guarding my vulnerabilities,

Accepting my imperfections,

Valuing my humanity.

You have buttressed the arrows

People often shot in my direction;

Willingly absorbing suffering

Meant for me.

Adversaries tried to put a wedge between us

To no avail;

Our friendship is too secure,

Our commitment too strong

Our friendship has been tested

In so many diverse ways,

But we have a love and strength of will

That refuses to let go.

Though sometimes charred, we healed,

And discovered a closer union in the process.

I’m possessive of our friendship

Because I know how rare it is

And how difficult to find

And keep.

You have earned the greatest title

That can be bestowed

Upon any human being.

Article Source:

40% Precipitation – a short story

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