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The Importance of Vehicle Owner’s Manual


The Importance of Vehicle Owner’s Manual By Wily O. The most important piece of the vehicle we often overlook is the owner’s manual. The vehicle owner’s manual is an instructional booklet that specific information peculiar to your vehicle. It includes important information to fine-tune your driving experience, including maintenance and troubleshooting advice. When we buy […]

The Talking Fish That Could Fly


The Talking Fish That Could Fly By Jim Liston  Randy was running out of time. He needed to come up with an idea for a project for his school’s science fair. He was tired of Tommy always winning, this year he was determined to beat him. Looking online, he found an ad that sounded interesting. “Teach […]

The Sorceress


The Sorceress By Paul Vincent Tatireta The status of grandmother Kautakarawa was difficult to fathom but I suppose the best way to categorize her identity was to give her the title of a sorceress. She certainly was somewhat of an enigma. Even her name, which literally meant ‘she who awakens heaven’, had a strange spiritual aura […]

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