3 Quick Chicken Recipes


3 Quick Chicken Recipes By Angela Kidd   Chicken nuggets, chicken drumsticks, chicken fingers… These recipes are easily prepared and can be cooked in many different ways! But if you want to prepare something new and a little more unique, try these quick chicken recipes that you will love! Maple-Baked Chicken Breasts What you need: 3/4 kg. […]

None Need to Be Alone Poem


That None Need to Be Alone By Diana Hunter McGuerty  His voice is heard across the land. Alone… we hear him call. Then… patiently… he sits and waits For us to understand That all he seeks is to be known, To know that he is here. We need but answer in our way, That none need […]

Benefits of Having Your Car Windows Tinted


Benefits of Having Your Car Windows Tinted by Shalini M. Regular tuning and maintenance are critical for the engine of your car. However, have you ever paid attention to the windows of your vehicle? What do you think about the window film aka window tint? According to most car owners, it just makes their vehicle […]

An Awakening


An Awakening By Claudette Cleveland  ‘They looked normal.’ Denise thought as she looked around the circle of people who had gathered. Her friend Carol, who had talked her into coming to this meditation group sat next to her. She was chatting with one of the men in the group, showing him a crystal. Carol always had […]

Gluten-Free Grill Recipes A Must-Try!


Gluten-Free Grill Recipes A Must-Try! Recipe By Adrian T. Cheng Here are a few gluten-free grill recipes that are a must-try. Who says all food cooked on the grill is fatty and greasy? Yes, you can follow a healthy diet and eat grilled food. In fact, grilled food is more nutritious compared to those cooked in […]

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