I Saw the Universe


I Saw the Universe

I saw the universe…


I can see the cerulean blue of the skies

Or the indigo of the night

I can see the stars wink, the grin of the moon

During the changes in its monthly face


I am in awe


I see the sun on its annual trek

Alternately awakening the life on the earth

And then fading away to allow it to sleep

Until the next spring


I am told the Universe is “out there”

Beyond those stars, moon and sun,

Yet the power of what I can see

Is a fathoming beyond my comprehension


I am in awe


“Out there” no time, no seasons pass

No sense of age, hatred or loss exists

Only the infinity

0f the Universe


What IS “out there”?

What IS the Universe that has no end?

What IS the power that creates all this?

I want to see it too


And then I remember…..


I saw it once, this gift of a glimpse

In the eyes of a granddaughter five minutes old

As I held her to my heart and gazed

Into the depths of eternal wisdom and love


It was but a moment

Before the bonds of her earthly body

Began to pull her

To her purpose of this lifetime


But from that instant, I knew

The Universe is everywhere Love exists

Each one of us carries

The Universe in our soul


It is not “out there, but “in here”

And can be glimpsed in the

Eyes of a newly born child

As she shares the message she brings

of Universal Love.


I am in awe

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