Carpet Syndrome


Carpet Syndrome

By Ehtesham Mirza  

The term syndrome derives from the Greek and means concurrence of symptoms, concourse, etc. These occurrences are linked with individuals, corporate culture and other characteristics of life. The interesting phase of all occurrences is an individual’s syndrome.

Why it is developed in an individual? Once it is developed, how it is affecting its outcome? This is a matter of interest and intrigue to all of us.

Probing deep into syndrome occurrence, we need to evaluate relevant field-of-knowledge. “In medicine and psychology, a syndrome is the association of several clinically recognizable features. These are signs, symptoms, phenomena or characteristics that often occur together. In recent decades, the term has been used outside medicine too” (Ref: Wikipedia).

It covers a wider range of issues; however, this particular syndrome draws the attention of relatively few people. It is a ‘Carpet Syndrome’ which is, at the outset, quite interesting and amusing too. This specific topic may not be available in reference books or in any particular print media. However, it becomes a brainteaser to evaluate the social, cultural and logical conclusion.

A question arises, as to why this particular interest generates a burning desire to own and distribute the carpets. It is not only restricted to specific people but also connected to an elite individual or a group. We will not do any comparison between them; however, we do discuss specific instances of a professional person. We will call him Mr. Busy Bee.

It is also interesting to know that his professional standing in the corporate hierarchy is par excellence. Of late he has developed an uncanny interest in carpets. What transpired and conspired within and outside his surrounding is a point to ponder.

It is a very common practice in people, who hung their boots and chose retirement as means of entertainment and enjoyment. Thus, they developed certain hobbies to keep themselves busy and active. By and large, these hobbies are restricted to activities which do not drain out their financial reserves.

On the other hand, it could be to generate additional income or start a new line of business. The intriguing part is that the carpet syndrome is linked to Mr. Busy Bee. He is a professional, who is still active and scaling the dizzy height of success in the corporate world. Why such a diversion and carpet collection drive is making him involve head over heels?

It appears that the people in the carpet business are taking advantage of his position and status. He is carefully groomed in the carpet industry. He is systematically cultivating the nitty-gritty of the carpet working culture and technicality. He is inculcating the rhythmic attachment to carpets and has fallen in love with them.

He often narrates his new dimension of carpet knowledge. He advocates in a business-like tone the synopsis of carpets and their intricacies. He says that the famous carpets, no doubt, are Persian carpets; especially those made of pure silk or a combination of silk and wool. In addition, the knot’s count per square inch signifies the carpet’s value and durability.

The colour combination and designs add to its beauty and elegance. The most outstanding is the family which made these carpets for hundreds of years. The important aspect of carpets is the Persian culture; tradition and ethical values attached to it.

His perennial attachment to carpets made him a different entity within his own personality. Is he thinking of switching over his profession? Will he become a carpet merchant or a corporate hobnob? Time will decide what lay ahead of him and how he shapes his fate. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he will distribute some carpets as gifts to his well-wishers. Bravo!

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