What Secret Military Scientists Discovered


What Secret Military Scientists Discovered

-How To Cause Earthquakes To Cause Catastrophic Disaster – a short fiction story

By Lance Winslow

In 2011 a group of secret military scientists working in a secret military think tank had broken the code on Earthquakes using a supercomputer program. Just after four years, in 2015, they had access to an incredibly powerful super quantum computer. It was all they needed to create a giant Earthquake and Tsunami to take out the coastline of a major power along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Where there might be collateral damage, it was deemed acceptable losses to prevent the nation from a planned strike, thus, the “preemption doctrine” was secretly ordered.

The scientists had used an airborne laser to cut off a piece of the ice shelf in Antarctica knowing that it would slowly drift away and cause the entire Pacific plate to move causing huge earthquakes 6.5 to 10 on the Richter Scale.

The ice was in a way that it could only drift and disconnect in a certain direction and at a certain speed, the computer program exactly predicted its future path and the changes it would cause to Earth’s spin. It was all done in conjunction with an upcoming eclipse and the probability of a solar flare M-class or greater within a 3-day period of the eclipse. This process then caused the Earth to buffet within its atmospheric bubble just enough to guarantee the complete destruction of the enemy’s coastline, infrastructure, trade ports and major coastal cities and airports.

Everything was in place, and the Earth had already had several large quakes a month before the eclipse of the moon which would slightly increase the tug on the Earth at just the right angle for just the right amount of time.

The increase in Pacific Hurricanes was an added bonus and it appeared the operation would be a total success, or for the victim nation, their worst-ever national disaster. Factions in the EU and UN would probably blame the iceberg break on Global Warming and say that the victim nation in the disaster experienced poetic justice since they had become the largest emitter of homoserine-made greenhouse gases.

The date of the eclipse was in late August of 2017, and all the computer modelling showed a 97% chance of success. “What could go wrong?” they thought. Of course, there were a couple of quasi-chaos computer simulations that showed the iceberg might be joined by a bigger iceberg and open up a split where the plate touches another plate causing huge releases of gases, and large undersea volcanoes changing the ocean underwater conveyor belt flows.

Thus, guaranteeing a complete temporary if not permanent change in the atmospheric climate, which if it occurred could also be blamed on global warming – so all their bases were covered and the tale was so absurd that even conspiracy theorists wouldn’t figure it out.

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