Summer Went on a Vacation


Summer Went on a Vacation – a poem

by Sparrow


The birds are chirping up on a tree

And the air is warm – all summery.

You are sitting in front of me,

Chewing incessantly, the whole day on that old celery.


A nag, a snag, an invitation to a nature retreat.

To have a vacation just about now sounds like a treat.

You look at the window, eager with a smug,

I know you need a warm big hug.


A hug of the energy-filled summery force around you,

From all the favourite people around you,

A hug of the sweet smell of a flower.

Of all the favourite events that will empower.


All cozied, you sit there with a warm cup of tea,

Not even singing a song outside by a tree.

Are you still watching those old re-runs on the dusty tv?

We are twins, but I know what’s better as I am older than thee!


The falling orange foliage and migrating birds pave their new ways;

I am Summer, noticing the shorter days.

Winter, stay home – use your imagination,

While I go on my coastal beaches, sun-filled warm vacation.


I’m Having a Great Day – a poem

by Sparrow


I’m having a great day.

I just ate the best sandwich,

And had some delicious tea,

But how could it be?

You don’t look as happy as me.

Just look outside at a tree.

Such a beautiful, wonderful tree,

And the birds are nesting upon it.

Look at the flowers and leaves with glee.

You are having a great day just like me…

What could it be?

Should we invite a musical band?

To enlighten the ambient sound.

Just give me a hand,

And dance along to the music with me.

Is there anything more one could want?

This is such a wonderful, beautiful day.

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