5 Steps to Happiness

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5 Steps to Happiness is a comprehensive step-by-step workbook that helps you find what makes you happy!
The author has a psychology degree and conducted thorough research to back up the material contained within this e-work book. They practiced these steps for decades and still work now. You may find these exercises a bit familiar, but they do go more in-depth.

Would it work for you?

These steps are pretty general and work for some people as per scientific research. These exercises may help you too, or at least give you more knowledge of things. You know, for example, that the definition of happiness is different for every person, however, the result is always the same. What is the result you ask? It is feeling better about yourself or your life than before.
In this booklet you will find five exercises, some may work better than others depending on you and how you see the world. Each exercise is worthy and equally valuable.
5 steps to happiness
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Is there a bonus?

Yes, there are two bonuses. One is the explanation leading to each exercise. The second bonus consists of mini exercises or something to think about.

How to read this book?

You may read the whole book in one go and follow the exercises as you read along.

How does the author recommend reading it?

Take 1-2 minutes every day and read what you can within this time. For exercises, please follow the included instructions.
Get your copy today. It is a powerful e-work book.

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