mPaka Mysteries

What is it about?

A creature that lives in a different world ends up in a human world by mistake. That’s when the mPaka Mysteries happen.

Sparrow wrote up a rhyming story about this whimsical creature. Suzie is just a person with a regular life, and nothing ever happens to her. After strange things happen in her house, mPaka arrives at the scene. This creature brings more adventure into Suzie’s life, and she realizes the need for a pet.

Suzie goes through many realizations in a short duration of time. The author created Suzie’s character when she had to clean up after her pet; this moment ignited the whole story about an otherworldly creature. Thus, even though it started with Suzie, the main character is mPaka.

Sparrow is an author who enjoys sharing poems and fiction works. Some of the works are available on Amazon and You may know A Fairy Very Berry Adventure, The Happy Ladybug, 5 Steps to Happiness, Pebbles’ Wisdom, Creativity Delivered and more.

mPaka Mysteries by Sparrow Cover
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mPaka Mysteries by Sparrow is a fiction story in poem format about this whimsical creature called mPaka.

Suzie has a regular life, and nothing ever happens to her until mPaka arrives at the scene.

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