Sandy’s Mondays

The Whisperer of the Abyss: Sandy’s never Ending Monday Rants

By Sparrow

Sandy’s Mondays is a fiction journal book based on real life. 

Every Monday, the character Sandys writes about her life experiences of what had happened. At times she complains, and, at times, she wants to be heard by her journal, thus, the subtitle, ‘The Whisperer of the Abyss,’ because she is talking to a journal and revealing her innermost thoughts onto paper and not one person in her world ever gets to read it. She is complacent about her life and sometimes travels down memory lane. 

There are complex intricacies of everyday life where she lives through events like a fish in the sea. Sandy’s character is good-natured to a fault, although sometimes seen as a bit snobbish. It is easy to judge her, but at the same time, she is kind. For example, a reader may discover that she rents a tiny place that is extremely messy. It happens when her friend arrives; Sandy needs to clean her living space quickly, but instead, she chooses to dress up nicely and is concerned about her appearance. Then, she jumps to help her friend in need. 

At other times, she describes how her dates went – meeting men who don’t share the same values as her and nothing comes out of it ever. She comes up with rules of how things should be, and even those don’t keep her life altogether. 

The author’s perspective is that Sandy doesn’t reveal everything about herself, letting the readers fill in the blanks.

Sandy’s Mondays book is in a journal format and contains casual language because people don’t pay attention to those when they reveal their secrets in their journals. Sandy herself is not perfect and makes errors in her life.  

If you like fiction books in journal format, you are in the right place. 

Sandy's Mondays - a fiction journal by Sparrow
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