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Artificial Light

-from Creativity Delivered by Sparrow

A veil of stars unravels in the night sky.

Despite the darkness, everyone gets by.

A show is visible from outer space, where cosmic rays exist;

A single spark ignites the cities that enlist.

On Earth, in every home around,

The electricity is there to be bound.

The comfort zone of taking all for granted,

To have the spark – is all everyone has ever wanted.

However, some dilemmas rose ashore

And the last sparkle got extinguished- that is hard to ignore.

It is no longer possible to see at night;

Everyone is sitting near the candlelight.

No tea, no television, and no entertainment,

Unable to preserve the food or make a statement.

Sitting all alone,

Left without a phone.

Unable to do so much,

Everyone wishes to have a magic touch.

Excruciating time exists of abeyance and stagnation.

Now everyone remembers how to use the imagination.

An hour passed, and the dilemma was gone;

All is fixed and enlightened.

Relentlessly, the light sparked and ignited,

And the appliances are finally united.

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