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Sparrow Publishing Videos are all about the delivery of the art for your entertainment. You may subscribe our YouTube channel to receive video updates once they are posted, sparrowmediaweb – YouTube.

Some of the stories are whimsical and some of it is based on real life observations.

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mPaka Adventures

mPaka Adventures is about a mPaka creature from another world. It travelled into the human world via a vortex that exists in Suzie’s house. Discover this eerie and at the same time hilarious adventure of what happened.

Here Sparrow Publishing looked at the concept where one person has one type of information and another one has a different one and how this knowingness and the lack of it works out.

The whole story is a science fiction type in poem format.

Sparrow Show

Sparrow Show contains a series of artful poem interpretations, opinions, reactions and more.

Clove in Prehistoric

Clive was part of a comics adventure, but it was completely lost. Here at Sparrow Publishing, we have re-created a few video series.

Driving Garage Experiences

Parking Garage Adventures is about every day garage experiences. Sometimes people drive too slow, or too fast. Some people go back and forth too many times because they forgot phone at home on the way out. This is a whimsical world and more things can happen than in your average garage.

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