Composing, Writing and Editing Poem


Composing, Writing and Editing Poem

by Sparrow

Composing, writing, and editing that is what I do.
How do I do it? I have no clue.
Editing, and then I do some more editing.
Editing, re-reading, and re-editing.

With a pen, I write
To your eye’s delight.
The words paint a picture,
As the light radiates from a light fixture.

Some words fight,
Over what is right.
Errors twist and turn,
And the correct forms yearn.

And re-editing,
Frustration is ruling the world of anxiety,
Attempting to appease all aspects of society.

I break the pen,
I tell my story of a complaint to a local hen.
The paper shredder is music to my ears,
While destroying the paper containing all my fears.


April Fools’ Day Surprise – a poem

by Sparrow

The snow melted in the streets,
And the birds filled the threes with their chirps and tweets.
Nature waited for the summer,
I sat down to look at the Elements of Style for my grammar.

Opening the window to the bright sun,
I was happy in the merriment of the summery fun.
The dishes were clean, and the floor sparked just right.
The fresh, crisp air breeze filled the room with its might.

The hovering winds poured into the room, pushing with force.
It was the winter returning, of course.
Forcing the window closed just before a blizzard moved forth,
I understood it was the April Fools’ surprise mirth.


Person’s Road Rage Anger – a poem

by Sparrow

An old man glared with his flaming anger,

As he exited his car.

That aging man’s eyes screamed danger.

He was ready to commence a war!

Maybe when he was a young child, he was mistreated in his foreign land.

Or maybe he realized that he lived wrong and had enough years at hand?

Bitter crumbled and pushed down pain,

Transformed into vial anger, to feign?

Possibly his ego was misplaced,

And he was feeling at the moment displaced?

Could it be that his ignorance devoured him?

He sought power over something uncontrollable and dim.

I wondered what caused that foreign, very aging man to be that way,

But then realized it is none of my business, and I should not care anyway.


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