None Need to Be Alone Poem


That None Need to Be Alone

By Diana Hunter McGuerty 

His voice is heard across the land.
Alone… we hear him call.
Then… patiently… he sits and waits
For us to understand
That all he seeks is to be known,
To know that he is here.
We need but answer in our way,
That none need be alone.

Sun, Sand, and Solitude

By Diana Hunter McGuerty 

I walked into the desert… canyon walls my lone companion.
The wind was still, and thus my heart beat full with wild abandon.
Warm sun stroked soft my gliding form, and played among white clouds,
For zest is most encouraged and a love of life allowed.

I whispered “thanks” to that which knows and hears,
Then traversed far those sandy miles without a thought to fear.
A visitor in time I am, a child in the wilderness
Who wants to learn what some may spurn and see as loneliness?

But vision is a fragile gift, and given in many ways,
So I have seen much beauty these precious sun-filled days.
This solitude fills my cup to flow in sparkling pools,
And sometimes I do sing aloud, alone and happy fool.

Time has come and life has gone… its footprints in the sand,
Leaving shadowed voices not left by beast or man.
For life has spent its golden coin on treasures left behind,
A tiny grain of ancient sand is still etched within my mind.

I roamed the tall rich forests, and hills of verdant green,
When waters sparkled full and fresh, and all the world was clean.
Then beasts did come and life did hum with the sound of hoof and roar,
And when I close my eyes again… I still can hear much more.

Shadows bloom across the rocks as light blows the breeze,
And sand fills my prints in time… a child’s playful tease.
I stop and look to know my way and read the changing sky,
For clouds can come and hide the sun in a blinking of the eye.

To know and fast respect her… this ever-changing land,
And trail the young coyote in joy across the sand.
For solitude is welcome in a world made mad with speed,
And I do love to wander… sowing the peaceful seed.

I do not miss the madness of man’s most heedless race,
For I am part of sun and sand and solitude…
Of this wild and sacred place.

And Leave a Good Clean View

By Diana Hunter McGuerty 

Respect for life… in varied forms… begins with care for all,
All things which walk or stand or fly… all things which grow or crawl.
Such respect… a way of life… begins with open eyes,
Eyes to see and hear and feel… both laughter and cries.

We have an obligation… a gift that each must find,
To find our greatest service… of heart and act and mind.
The world requires our service… like us, it lives and breathes,
And everything we do to it… a mark is what we leave.

Every act and thought and speech… no matter what we do,
We do respectfully in kindness… and leave a good clean view.

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