The Talking Fish That Could Fly


The Talking Fish That Could Fly

By Jim Liston 

Randy was running out of time. He needed to come up with an idea for a project for his school’s science fair. He was tired of Tommy always winning, this year he was determined to beat him. Looking online, he found an ad that sounded interesting.

“Teach Your Fish to Do Tricks!” “With this kit, you can communicate with your fish!”

This has to be a joke, right? Communicate with your fish? Well, it’s only $15 and he really needed to come up with something.

He got his Mom to order the kit for him and after a few days, the kit came in the mail, it was just a cheap set of headphones and a microphone, like he had on his computer, no instructions, nothing else. What a joke! What a rip-off! Eventually, he decided to try it, just for laughs.

“Testing, 1, 2, 3. Come in fish. Can you hear me?” Too funny! Like the fish is going to answer him! “This is great, I can just imagine the one who made this kit sitting around laughing about the people who put this on and try to talk to their silly fish.”

“Hey, watch who you’re calling silly!”

“What in the world was that? Am I losing my mind? Oh, I get it, they’ve got a recording that plays to make it sound like your fish is talking. That’s really pretty cool, it had me going for a second there, thinking that a silly fish could talk!”

“There you go again. I’d appreciate it if you would quit calling me silly. And while I’ve got your attention, would it hurt you to change my water a little more often?”

“I am losing my mind? Fish can’t talk. Everyone knows that. Fish are just, well, fish.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Fish are just fish? So, just because I live in water in a fish bowl means that I can’t think? That I don’t have feelings? And you say that fish are stilly!”

“Man, this is great! I’m going to win first place for sure! Once I show everyone my talking fish I’ll be rich, I’ll be able to buy… ”

“Hold on a minute there, Buckaroo! You can just forget about that, I’m not going to be Randy’s talking fish, no thanks. Tell you what though, I’ll make you a deal. Change my water more often, get me a larger fish bowl, find a female fish for a companion for me, and I’ll do some silly tricks at your science fair.”

So, Randy held up his side of the bargain. He bought a bigger fish bowl, changed the water more often, and even found a female friend for his fish.

They practiced some tricks to do at the Science fair. The fish could push a little soccer ball through a goal, swim an obstacle course, and even shoot a basketball. They even worked on a grand finale, but Randy thought he was sure to win without it.

On the day of the event, he didn’t have any doubts at all, until he saw Tommy wearing an identical set of headphones with a parrot sitting on a perch. Sure enough, Tommy’s parrot did a whole routine of tricks, walking on a ball, flying through a hoop, and even dancing to some music.

The crowd loved it! Randy decided that they had better do the grand finale at the end of their performance if he wanted to win. So, after they went through the whole routine, the crowd cheering them along, the fish swam around the bowl a few times to pick up speed, and then leapt into the air! It was beautiful!

The crowd went wild! That was until Tommy’s bird suddenly flew through the air grabbed the fish and went out the open window, never to be seen again! They still talk about the time the judges couldn’t decide on a winner and for the first time ever, gave first place to the bird and fish team.

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