A Different Place


A Different Place…

A Poem

By Danielle Hollister 

I wish we had met 20 years ago…
A different place, a different time
when I actually had a chance
for you to be mine…

Although we cannot change
what brought us together today,
I don’t know why it is so hard
for me to think about walking away…

From you and from us… despite
the obstacles that stand in the way
of our chance to become something
more than just yesterday –

I believe in love at first site
as silly as it sounds…
I never actually realized that
that was until you came around…

With your unmistakable smile,
quick wit and flattery
like the devilish look in your eyes
whenever you see me…

I know it’s real and
I know I’m not alone
in feeling so strongly
that you’ll never be gone…

Entirely from my life
no matter what it takes
for you and me to be together
I think we’ll always make…

Up a reason to see each other,
an excuse to escape to
be together anywhere
any time – we will do

What we feel we need
to be with one another
Regardless of how short
our time is together…

The quality of moments
between you and me
is something most people
only dream they will see…

Once in this lifetime…
No matter how late
when love like ours arrives
It has to be FATE…

I thought I had lived
before I met you
but the truth is
I honestly had no clue…

About what love means
or how it’s supposed to be…
I settled for less, for men
who were not good to me.

I thank God for you
even if we have to secretly date
for another 20 years…
I know it will be worth the wait…

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/4694

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