A Moment in Time Poem


A Moment in Time Poem

By Joseph Machney 

A moment in time, a chance so brief

An emerald island, a beautiful thief

She stole my heart and left me with

Memories, her smile, things like this

The time and the place were such a feeling

Perhaps that’s what made her so appealing.

To go back there, to try to find her

I wonder if she has the same stir

That I am feeling within my heart

It’s four years since I have been

To the land where so much wonder I seen

But lately, she’s all that I think of

Is it true to say that I am in love?

Whatever it is it makes me smile

And to me, that’s worth the so many miles

To walk the village to enter the store

I’d give her my heart, and so much more

If she feels the same way that I do

I’ll back my bags and strap on my shoes

And travel far across the sea

To search for her…

I hope to find thee…

A Beautiful Dream

I had a dream a night ago

A dream that left me with a smile

I dreamt of a warm mid-summer day

Of a peaceful dream and birds at play

The dream was coloured with small clouds in the sky

And beautiful mountains that would bring tears to your eyes

The gentle stream, the sound so dear

The little animals played so near

As the cool water flowed in front of me

To the trees I looked, and what did I see?

A beautiful girl, that had been sitting there all the while

That girl was you, the reason I woke up with a smile

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/8643856

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