Basic Woodworking Skills for Carpentry


Basic Woodworking Skills for Carpentry

By Paul Luciw 

There are a number of woodworking skills you will need to know with regard to being successful in carpentry. This is especially important if you want to start a business in the woodworking business. These skills will be important in any type of woodworking employment. This includes the building of a shed in your backyard or constructing furniture.

Safety Skill is Number One

One of the basic skills you need to learn is safety using the various tools in your woodworking business. Safety is very important as you do not want to lose a finger or one of your eyes. Understanding safety is paramount in creating a successful woodworking business.

You will be using power tools such as a skill saw or a reciprocating saw. These power tools are very safe to use if operated according to the instructions they come with. However, if operated improperly they can cause serious injury to your body.

When using power tools you need to keep the area you are working in safe. This involves keeping the surface you are standing on free of objects you can trip on such as power cords. Keeping power cords from becoming potential a tripping hazard is very important to keep your workspace safe. Also, keep the floors clean as any potential slipping hazards can lead to possible injury.

You also need to keep the working free of clutter especially when using a ladder. Having a cluttered work area at the foot of a ladder can lead to a broken ankle.

Proper use of your power tools also means that you should never carry them by their power cords. Also, disconnect them from the power they are using such as a battery or power outlet. Also, remove all power sources when they are not in use. If you are changing blades on your reciprocating or circular saw always remove the source of power.

Wearing proper personal protection equipment is vital. This includes proper eye protection. Remember it only takes one mistake to lose an eye.

You will also need protection for your ears such as foam eye plugs or headphone-style ear muffs. Many power tools can cause hearing loss if used for a prolonged amount of time.

There are a number of common injuries related to the use of various power tools. Lacerations and burns are among the many Electrocution can also happen if proper care is not used with equipment that is plugged into an outlet. This can cause death or severe injury caused by electric shock. Using a power tool with a frayed power cord can lead to this, especially if you are working on a floor covered with water.

Always check the condition of your hand or power tools before you use them on your woodworking project.

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