10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat


10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat

By Chad Mathew Taylor 


If you live in a city where temperature and humidity combine to create uncomfortable heat or if you live in one of the hot areas of the country where temperatures climb to well over 100 degrees daily, you want to stay both safe and comfortable. Here are 10 tips to beat summer heat that might help.

Alter your pattern of exercise

Take advantage of the cooler early morning or late evening temperatures if you exercise outdoors. If you can’t change the time of your workout, consider joining an air-conditioned gym. If none of those work, do fewer minutes, walk instead or run or use some other means to decrease your level of exertion.

Change the way you dress

Loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing will keep you cooler. Cotton clothing is cooler than synthetics. Planning a day in the sun? Think about clothing that protects you from the sun – especially for children.

Use fans

Even if your home is air-conditioned turning on fans for ceiling fans will make your home feel cooler as the air circulates.

Keep plastic water bottles in the freezer or fridge

Then, just grab and go. As they thaw, you’ll have a cold, refreshing drink.

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate

Speaking of water, you can’t drink too much of it. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they promote dehydration. Stick to water or sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes.

Put your lotions/face creams in the frig

That’s right – think about storing lotions and cosmetic toners in the refrigerator. They’re perfect for hot, tired feet

Change your eating habits

Instead of hot foods, try lighter summer fare and have small meals or snacks more frequently. Cool fruit should be a summer favourite. You’ll feel lighter and cooler and you don’t have to stand by a hot stove.

Cool your head to cool your body

If you’re outside exercising, take off your cap, put a little cold water in it and quickly invert it back on your head. Refreshing!

Be especially careful to guard babies & adults over 70 from overheating

They will dehydrate easily and are more susceptible to heat-related illness. Make sure they’re cool and comfortable.

Get your house ready for the summer

Clean blinds and shades and plan on using them. Keep your home a little dimmer and cooler. Have your air conditioning service done by a pro so you know it can keep up with the summer high temperatures and you can avoid a breakdown on a hot summer day. Be sure to keep the A/C filters clean by changing them once a month so your air conditioning unit runs at its peak efficiency.

Summer sun can be delightful – or just plain, dreadfully hot. Be sun smart. If the high temperature outdoors is intolerable, stay indoors.

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