A Very Berry Fairy Adventure


The functionality has evolved in such a way that one can read it through once, ask questions, and even learn lessons from it. The author wanted this book to be a great read for children and adults alike—everyone can learn something new from this fairy tale.

New Artwork

Recently, a wonderful artist agreed to help out and create pictures for the story. The author loves the pictures that the artist provided and hopes that you too will love them.

The author created the initial pictures, and honestly, the author is scared of the initial pictures. The fairy looked too robotic and pale, and the author was unhappy with the drawings for many years until they met the wonderful artist. You can see the initial artwork on YouTube, but the book and e-book have updated pictures.

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A Very Berry Fairy Adventure
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“Have you ever read a book and felt like you have lived a few lifetimes? Often it feels like there is more wisdom at times, and at times it feels like the story should have been longer because we don’t want the story to end.”

Did you Know?

Did you know A Very Berry Fairy Adventure was not the original title of this book?

The original name was A Fairy Who Did Everything Upside Down.

How A Very Berry Fairy Adventure was created

During the long commutes to and from downtown university, the author wrote “A Very Berry Fairy Adventure.” There were four hours that the author had on hand. Studying during this time was useful before writing exams, but not during regular days. The author chose to write a story, but which one?

A Story for Children?

The author remembered a few stories that stayed close to their hearts, and they were children’s books from many years ago when the author was a child. One book was about a child and his grandmother, and yet another book was about a disorganized child named Tsopino (written by an Italian author).

The author read hundreds of books, but they all had different flares. These two particular books that stood out contained a particular wholesomeness and projected positivity, character strength, and self-improvement—the right magical dust. This same attitude flavour of style is presented in this book too.

A Multi-faceted Story?

The author came up with a few stories. One has been sitting unpublished, waiting for its turn for 20 years. Maybe one day it will be published too. In the meantime, A Very Berry Fairy Adventure was born.

The author gave constraints to the fairy and came up with an unsurmountable problem to get the conflict going. This book is about a journey. That’s what the other two books had, too: the journey.

Have you heard that some books write themselves?

Well, not really, but the character drove forth many life lessons and chose exemplary actions that contained courage, friendship-building, cooperation in problem-solving, and more.

If you can count only five lessons here, there are at least twenty. Keep looking and you will find them.

What About The Plot?

The plot has twists and turns, and things happen unexpectedly. You will find out that the fairy is missing information on how to solve a challenge. It allows children to ask questions, engage in fill-in-the-blank activities, and use their imagination. The whimsical characters deliver life lessons and give new awareness of the world.

You will find places where the whimsical characters act by their nature, and it is impossible not to laugh, as it is simply hilarious.

New Look and The Same Book – Sparrow Celebration

A Very Berry Fairy Adventure celebrates its 10th anniversary with updated, beautiful artwork. New look, same book, you will find the same plot, and everything is the same word for word. You will find an extraordinary adventure on every page, with many life lessons that may benefit anyone who reads it, both children and adults. Why is that? The author wrote this book for children but also for the ones who read the book to listeners.

The author included a few original pictures to make a memory for the ones who may miss the initial drawings.

Reviewed by Michelle Robertson from Readers’ Favorite

“A Very Berry Fairy Adventure was written and illustrated by Sparrow.” But now illustrations were updated. “This book is a children’s fable. It offers very colourful pictures for viewing pleasure, and a plot contains adventure, mystery, excitement, magic, mystical creatures, friendship, and courage. Very Berry is a very small fairy that lives in a tiny flower in the forest.

Very Berry is assigned by his friend, the owl, to go on a mission to protect the forest and all its creatures. Berry finds himself in a predicament. He must help a polar bear get back to his home at the North Pole.

The North Pole is very far away, and with little magic and his GPS acting up, Berry is unsure if he can complete this mission and get his new friend, the polar bear, back home.

Sparrow has excited and enhanced the imagination of children who read A Very Berry Fairy Adventure. The book offers a sense of comfort with familiar mystical creatures.

The Story Plot

The story plot allows for a sense of character perseverance. A small fairy with a little magic sets out to complete a mission. It gives a child, who is also small, a positive attitude that if they set their mind to it, they can achieve their goal, even though they are small.

This book allows a child’s imagination to run wild with its creative character combinations, interesting locations, and light-hearted plot. This story was a fun and magical read.”

Reader’s Favorite reviewer:  https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/a-very-berry-fairy-adventure

The author wrote this book for children, but it ended up good for adults too. It is good because when parents/guardians read this book to their children, they can talk about these concepts together and it will be a wonderful experience. It’s an excellent read for every child and adult.

The author gifts everyone who reads A Very Berry Fairy Adventure Book with an incredible adventure. There are many positive lessons that one can find even on the first page.

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About the Fairy Adventure

Have you ever read a book and felt like you have lived a few lifetimes? Often it feels like there is more wisdom at times, and at times it feels like the story should have been longer because we don’t want the story to end.

Here, it is about a fairy named Very Berry, who embarked on an adventure, but in the end, his whole world changed, and even his values changed.

If you pay attention to what the fairy cares about at the beginning and the end of the book, it’s different. Very Berry’s perception of his world and his life changed because he learned new things. According to the author, the fairy in this book is at least 400 years old, but there is always something new to learn.

Did Very Berry Fairy meet a person from The North?

The Santa Clause is also a fairy creature who grades the fairy according to their deeds – how well they help protect and save their forest environment. In the scene where Very Berry finally meets The Santa Clause, the burning question is set aside (you will know about the question once you read the book).

The Santa Clause knows the fairies too well, and when he tries to mention the answer to the question, he sees that Very Berry surpassed it.

Even Santa Clause realizes or learns, as a great teacher, that the fairy will understand him. For the first time in hundreds of thousands of years, he shares his adventures with the fairy. This event is captured in a few sentences here and there. Some life lessons and concepts are more visible, while others are more visible if you read the book a few times.

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