Pebbles’ Wisdom

Pebbles’ Wisdom is there for any day that comes your way. It is a gift you can purchase for yourself, your friend, or even your co-worker. It looks good on a shelf, and it feels exhilarating to read it. All Sparrow books have something in common – an interactive plot. It makes one think about different concepts, look at the world from alternative viewpoints and reflect. 

What is it about? 

A book full of sayings, quotes, affirmations, motivations and much more. There are brief examples of the many life lessons.

Is it really that good? Why should I get it? 

The author gave it to beta readers, and they gave positive feedback. One of the beta readers read the book several times because they found it meaningful. You may also want to read it a few times. 

Why the author wrote Pebbles’ Wisdom?

The author had a pet bird once named Pebbles. This bird was full of wisdom and demonstrated resilience, strength, and loyalty. Pebbles taught many life lessons. How? One may ask. The author stated that when you listen, the world reveals itself. The author listened to the tiny bird. Once the bird was gone, the author shared some of the captured wisdom in this book. 

Pebbles Wisdom Book Cover
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