Sparrow Publishing Apps

Sparrow Publishing Apps are created to have an entertainment, have a challenge  or simply have something to do. You can play Sparrow Apps while on a break, on the bus, or even on a plane, at a coffee shop, or if you’d like to play a game.

Align Rush

Align Rush Game App

The objective of the game: 

Blocks of different shapes fall from the sky. You must align the blocks to form a line, then the blocks disappear, and you receive points for it. 

The higher the game level, the faster the blocks fall and the quicker you must align them. Play the game today and see how many blocks you may clear. 

download align rush on googleplay now

Tower Them

tower them

The objective of the game: 

Blocks fall from the sky. Tower blocks one on top of the other to keep going and playing the game. If one part of the block is not towered properly and is in the sky, then it falls down and a smaller block remains. The smaller and thinner the block becomes, the harder it is to tower the blocks. The game ends once the thinnest block falls down. 

download tower them on googleplay now

Roxy Texas Holdem

Roxy Texas Holdem Game App

The objective of the game:

You may play either with other players online or with a computer. At the beginning of the game, everyone receives complimentary coins. Next, each player receives two cards. Each person places the received coins on the table as the main five cards are revealed on the table. You win or lose based on the combination of your cards. For example, if you have a flash, then you win.

download roxy texas holdem on googleplay now

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