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Mystery Nights

Mystery Nights By Anirban Ghosh  It was in the late hours of the night. I was [...]

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3 Sage Dinner Recipes By Adrian T. Cheng Closely related to rosemary, the wood herb [...]

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A Moment in Time Poem By Joseph Machney  A moment in time, a chance so brief [...]

The Importance of Vehicle Owner’s Manual

The Importance of Vehicle Owner’s Manual By Wily O. The most important piece of the [...]

Left on the Ground

Left on the Ground By Robert Waldvogel  The time is nigh to reach for the sky. [...]

The Talking Fish That Could Fly

The Talking Fish That Could Fly By Jim Liston  Randy was running out of time. He [...]

Easy Crock Pot Dinner Recipes

Easy Crock Pot Dinner Recipes By Donna H. In a world of fast food, microwaveable [...]

Memories Spurred by a Hat Horseshoe or Nail

Memories Spurred by a Hat Horseshoe or Nail -a poem By Cheryl G Burke  Memories spurred [...]


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About Sparrow

How it started…

Sparrow started back in 2011 with the tiny idea of bringing information onto paper, and then for everyone to read was finally online.

You may know 5 Steps to Happiness from 2011 and 2012 as a pdf, but now it’s an e-book format since 2018, available on Amazon. It’s an activity book that concentrates on how-to-make-your-day-better. Pretending to be happy all the time is not in this book. It helps you have that fresh breath of hair and an Ahh moment. The author has a scholarly background in the field and spent quite a few years conducting thorough research and reflecting on the best steps they have used for decades.

From typewriters that clang loudly and the dripping ink, perfection was the game of the time. Upon a second attempt, old floppy discs broke, transforming many works into useless squares and symbols – a true gobbledygook. Since then, Sparrow still brought up poetry works, non-fiction, self-help, and fiction.

Fun Facts

During the typewriter era, the author had to type everything error-free. One error and the author had to re-type everything from the beginning.


Later, there was a form of whiteout, and you could still type things up, but it was a wet mess. What does moisture do to paper? It turns your work into mulch. One had to have patience and a room full of grace to type, re-type and make every word perfect.


The loud clanging was an issue within itself, it was like grinding pavement, which may have caused a headache. Then the letters of the typewriter were getting loose, and you could take them up and replace them, but that is for another story.


Let’s not forget the pencil experience. Everyone knows what a pencil does, it smeared across the pages making it hard to read. Since then, the author did not use a pencil for over twenty years.

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